San José

Sculptor : Juan Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2022
Materials : Polychrome terracotta in oil colours
Dimensions | 130 cm
Location : Burriana (Castellón de la Plana)

Description of the work

This is a figure of the glorious patriarch Saint Joseph made for the city of Burriana, in the province of Castellón de la Plana.

Made in polychrome terracotta for clothing, the work depicts the saint in middle age, far removed from the artistic interpretations that presented him as an old man in order to further enhance the youthfulness of the Virgin Mary.

The sculptor has arranged the figure in a classical contrapposto, resting the weight of the body on the right leg while slightly advancing the left. His left hand is close to his chest while the right hand firmly holds the flowering staff, an attribute typical of his iconography. The modelling of the head shows a detailed study of the hair, which is distributed in larger locks on the head and smaller, more detailed locks on the beard.
The gentle expression of the face, with a correct modelling of the features, takes us back to classic models of Spanish statuary of the 17th and 18th centuries, formal aspects that the author has completed with a juicy polychrome, in tan tones, which perfectly completes the initial intention of the expression.