San José

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2013
Materials : Gilded cedar wood, tempera and oil polychromed.
Dimensions : 60 cm
Location : Private collection (Marbella)

Description of the work

The figure of the Patriarch Saint Joseph is depicted on a classical contrapposto, with the weight of his body resting on his right leg and his left leg forward. He is holding the child Jesus on his left arm, who is affectionately holding his father's hand behind his back. The saint holds in his right hand the flowered staff, one of his traditional attributes.

He wears a purple tunic, a heavy cloak that is gathered at the waist and falls down his right shoulder until it folds at the level of the thigh. The whole is brilliantly stewed, a common feature in the artist's career. The polychromy of the flesh tones is juicy, enhancing the modelling of both the manly figure of the father and the delicate softness of the child.