Sculptor : Juan Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2021
Materials : Bronze
Dimensions : 8 cm
Location : Hermandad de Dolores del Puente (Málaga)

Description of the work

Within the iconographic program elaborated for the ornamentation of the new throne of the Brotherhood of Dolores del Puente, we deal with six small reliefs that represent the theological virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity, and other three cardinal virtues, fortitude, temperance and prudence.

From the material and technical point of view, these high reliefs are made in cast bronze with the lost wax technique. The patina is made by a chemical process, usual in this type of finish and material.

The iconographic representation of the reliefs by the sculptor is resolved with a classical vision, both in one group of virtues (theological) and in the other (cardinal). The theological virtues are easily identifiable as Faith, the chalice and the blindfold; Hope, the anchor; and Charity, the woman nursing a child.

The cardinal virtues are represented with attributes such as the column for Fortitude, the dove for Prudence and the bowl with the pitcher for Temperance.

The composition of all the reliefs is determined by what, in sculpture, is called "the law of adaptation to the frame", that is to say, the subordination of creativity to the space destined to house it. In the case of our throne, the reliefs are housed in a small space above the chapels that carry a series of saints, works of the same sculptor. For this reason, and in order to give them a greater showcasing, the author has chosen to represent them from the waist up and thus be able to give them greater expressiveness.