Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2018
Materials : Cedar wood polychromed in oils
Dimensions : 165 cm
Location : Yunquera (Málaga)

Description of the work

One of the most popular iconographies in Christian art has represented a new advance in the artist's career. Departing from classical models, this image of Saint Mary of Mount Carmel incorporates naturalistic elements in the composition, especially in the image of the Christ Child.

The Virgin's face is correctly modelled, with a smooth oval shape and large eyes crowned by softly furrowed eyebrows. The modelling of the fleshy hands shows the sculptor's concern for naturalism.

The image of the child Jesus is touching, both for the modelling and the classical composition. He blesses with his right hand while holding the scapular of Carmel in his left.

The polychromy follows the author's classic line, with rosy tones for very natural flesh tones that reinforce the exquisite modelling of both the Virgin and Child.