Saint Dominic of Guzman

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2020
Materials : Cedar wood, tempered in tempera and polychrome oil painting
Dimensions : 60 cm
Location : Private collection (Gran Canaria)

Description of the work

The image of Saint Dominic of Guzmán that we are dealing with here shows all the good work of the sculptor in his career. The saint is dressed in his traditional black and white habit, carrying the flag with the coat of arms of the order and the dog at his feet as one of his characteristic attributes.

Starting from a classical contraposto, resting the weight of his body on his left leg, he slightly advances his right leg. He holds the flag with the Order's coat of arms firmly in his right hand, while with his left he holds the Holy Scriptures. The saint's head, beautifully and correctly executed, is slightly tilted to his right, with a carved beard and polychrome moustache. Next to his left foot and partially covered by the cloak, we find the dog with the torch in its mouth, one of the characteristic elements of his iconography.

With regard to the ornamentation, it has an exquisite estofado on fine gold where the author demonstrates his mastery of these polychrome techniques. The drawings on the cloak and tunic, with baroque references, contribute to the enrichment of the whole and provide a striking contrast with the colours of the habit.