San Sebastian

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2018
Materials : Gilded cedar wood, tempera and oil polychromed.
Dimensions | 175 cm
Location : Private collection, Marbella

Description of the work

The present image represents a new development in the artist's career. Based on a careful and meticulous study of drawing, anatomy and modelling, he composed a figure in which the beauty of the anatomy blends harmoniously with the serene expression of pain on the face.

The serpentine line that forms the sculpture takes us back to the classical models of Greek and Roman sculpture. The morphology of the musculature is emphatic without being morbid, and there is a beautiful play of contrasting arms and legs that gives the figure a movement that evokes the aforementioned precedents.

The polychromy is in line with the latest creations, rich in nuances and enhancing the modelling. The shroud is meticulously stewed, which adds even more value to the carving. The treatment of the wounds is slight, insinuated so as not to distract the viewer's vision of the whole.