Saint Francis of Assisi

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2016
Materials : Terracotta and polychromed oil-coloured sized canvases
Dimensions | 185 cm
Location : Parish Church of San Francisco de Asís (Seville)

Description of the work

Using the techniques employed with great success by the eighteenth-century sculptor Cristóbal Ramos, the sculptor created a remarkable image of the "Poverello".

The composition rests on the left leg, bringing the right leg forward, giving movement to the figure. Carrying the crucifix in his right hand, he holds back his left arm, directing the beautiful gaze of his head towards the figure of the crucified Christ.

The beautiful testa shows a contemplative man, with a deep spiritual depth, gazing with recollection at the figure of the crucified Redeemer. The work is completed with a beautiful ornamentation of the saint's tunic based on rockery plant motifs that demonstrate the artist's skill and mastery of this type of work.