Ornamentation Dolores del Puente I

Sculptor : Juan Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2023
Materials : Varnished cedar wood
Dimensions : 30 cm
Location : Hermandad de Dolores del Puente (Málaga)

Description of the work

St. Charles Borromeo

The figure of St. Charles Borromeo, archbishop of Milan (1538-1584), is represented by the sculptor with the choral habit, typical of his episcopal dignity, and with a penitent attitude, with crossed hands and a rope around his neck that is knotted in the waist area. The head looks up to the sky, in an attitude of supplication.
It presents a detailed study of the clothing that denotes a technical and compositional mastery that reinforces the composition of the figure. The varnished and patinated finish completes the work developed in the modeling.

San Pedro

The sculptural representation of St. Peter the Apostle made for the processional throne of the Christ of Forgiveness has clear Italian reminiscences, something usual in the author's career.
The figure rests the weight of the body on the right leg, the left leg being higher as it rests on a rock. He holds in his right hand the keys, in clear reference to the Gospel passage of St. Matthew (16, 13-12) "...I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."
In his left arm he holds a book, representing the gospels. He wears a long tunic and a crossed cloak that is folded over the elevated left leg; the play of chiaroscuro formed by the fabrics, very well executed, reinforces the dynamism of the composition and helps to identify the disposition of the figure. The head, with a grim gesture, is slightly turned to the right, looking straight ahead.

Saint Dominic of Guzman

Saint Dominic of Guzman (Caleruega, 1170 - Bologna, 1221) Spanish religious founder of the order of preachers, also known as the Dominican order or the Dominicans, has an evident familiarity with the Malaga corporation by giving its title to the parish where the brotherhood is located.

The sculptural representation of the saint is traditional, he wears the habit of the order with tunic tight at the waist, scapular and cape with a large hood. The sculpture rests the weight of the body on the left leg, slightly advancing the right. He holds with his right hand the flag with the Dominican coat of arms composed by the flordelisado cross.

In his left hand and on his chest he firmly holds the Bible, which was the source of Dominic's preaching and spirituality. He was known as Master Dominic because of the academic degree he obtained at the University of Palencia, Spain. Next to his left foot, seated, appears the dog carrying in its mouth the burning torch.
The Legend (first biography of St. Dominic) narrates a vision that his mother, Blessed Juana de Aza, had before St. Dominic was born. She dreamt that a little dog came out of her womb with a lighted torch in its mouth.

The head is tilted to his right, raising his gaze. The treatment of the hair is delicate, despite its small size. He has a trimmed beard and a tonsure on the skull.