Baby Jesus majesty

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2010
Materials : Gilded cedar wood, tempera and oil polychromed.
Dimensions : 60 cm
Location : Private collection (Marbella)

Description of the work

The figure is presented standing on a cloud with two winged angels' heads hovering around it. He blesses with his right hand while his left arm is held back in a gesture of protection.
He leans on his right leg in a perfect contrapposto, the left resting on the orb that completes the composition of the cloud.

The infantile anatomy is beautifully modelled from all points of view, following an academic principle of globality, accompanied by a very careful polychromy, a characteristic feature of the artist's career.

The tenderness of the child's face, with its wavy locks that come together to form the volume, captures the viewer's attention.