Immaculate Conception

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2018
Materials : Terracotta and polychromed oil-coloured sized canvases
Dimensions : Natural size
Location : San Pablo CEU School (Bormujos, Seville)

Description of the work

The new image created for the San Pablo CEU school by the sculptor Juan Alberto Pérez Rojas takes up the classical models of Sevillian Baroque statuary that began to proliferate in the mid-17th century. Starting with the images of the painter José de Ribera and the Sevillian Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, both painters and sculptors broke away from Mannerist trends to adopt a fully Baroque typology that gave this iconography another compositional movement.

The version offered by our author successfully resolves the tendency to merely imitate the aforementioned sculptural and pictorial references by using traditional imagery materials, in our case, polychrome terracotta and glued fabrics, resolved in an outstanding manner in a figure that, as a whole, reaches a height of two metres.

With a profound knowledge of the use of these materials, in which the 18th-century sculptor Cristóbal Ramos was particularly outstanding, Pérez Rojas endowed one of the favourite iconographies of Sevillian popular piety with monumentality. The modelling is resolved on the basis of large planes in which the sculptor conceives a resting figure, with an offering gesture, very carefully designed for the final destination of the work.

The use of Baroque decoration on the border of the Virgin's mantle and tunic is an identification with the style of a city in which the Virgin Mary is especially worshipped with flowers, both fresh and spiritual. Symbology is present in the ornamentation to justify the use of the plant motifs, which are so exuberant and lucid.

All in all, we find ourselves with an interesting contribution to the Marian sculptural catalogue of the city of Seville, which seems to be endless, an unmistakable sign of the fervour for the Mother of our Redeemer.