Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date: 2012
Materials : Cedar wood polychromed in oils
Dimensions : 155 cm
Location: Astorga (León)

Description of the work

In this Dolorosa, a personal work of the artist made in polychrome cedar wood, we can appreciate the features that are defining the Mariana sculptural trajectory.
The symmetry of the face slightly tilted to the left and the exquisite carving of the mouth, the beautiful and expressive eyes with a slightly raised gaze, the soft nose with a slight dilation of the nasal flaps, an unmistakable trait of pain, define a sorrowful image of the Virgin Mary made for a private collection.
The muscles between the eyebrows are contracted to pronounce the upward lines of the eyebrows in order to give a greater expression of pain.
The hands, of delicate beauty, are separated with a tender gesture that contrasts with the pain on the face of the image.
The whole is completed with a clear polychrome, in pinkish tones with a juicy effect, in the artist's style, which enhances the pain previously studied in the modelling of the figure.