Divine Shepherdess

Sculptor : Alberto Pérez Rojas
Date | 2009
Materials : Cedar wood polychromed in oils
Dimensions : 150 cm
Location : San Leandro Convent (Seville)

Description of the work

The piece was made for the cloister of the San Leandro convent in Seville. The iconography represented is that of the Virgin as the Divine Shepherdess of Christian souls, the origin of which is to be found in the aforementioned city as a result of the vision of Fray Isidoro de Sevilla in the lower choir of the Capuchin convent in 1703.

The popular invocation began to be made public that same year thanks to a painting by the artist Alonso Miguel de Tovar.

In this work we see the artist's hallmark, which is based on the best classical models of Baroque imagery. Neat execution, anatomical smoothness and correct facial features, together with painstaking polychromy, are some of the highlights of this work.