Juan Alberto Pérez Rojas was born in Ronda in 1982, where his early artistic vocation was awakened, which became a reality when he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts after obtaining the mandatory Baccalaureate degree in his hometown.

In the summer of 2001 he met Juan Manuel Miñarro who, in the end, would become his master; he kept in frequent contact with him until he joined the workshop in 2003 as a disciple and actively participated in his works. His apprenticeship in the workshop was not only in the fields of sculpture and imagery, but also in restoration. The stay in the master's workshop lasted three years and culminated with the Honorary Assistance in 2008 in the subject of Sculptural Procedures that Professor Miñarro teaches in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

He graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in Sculpture, in 2005, subsequently completing postgraduate studies with a view to a future doctoral thesis. He has been Honorary Assistant to the Professor of Modelling Sebastián Santos Calero in 2006 in the subject of Modelling and Composition in the fifth year, and in 2007 in Natural Modelling in the fourth year.

Since 2009 he has established his workshop in the Sevillian neighborhood of San Lorenzo, from where he has produced works for the whole world.